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News Break: Eagle Nest Course Reopens
From the North Myrtle Beach Times, September 4th:
"Eagle Nest Golf Club in Little River recently reopened after being renovated by famed golf course architect Gene Ham. Ham designed the course in 1971 and the club still claims to have the three toughest finishing holes on the Grand Strand."
"The Eagle Nest course is considered an old Myrtle Beach classic and has stood the test of time .... The course reopened Monday Sept 1 ..... visit"
This sounds like a serious boon for local goofers. Just thought I'd pass this little ditty of info along.
Also this weekend is the famed Paws Across the Water Duck Race on the ICW at Barefoot Landing. Sally & I have 6 ducks entered, so cheer for the ducks with the shag shoes on their webbed feet. More info at
And if you haven't read about it yet, check out our Anniversity Weekend blog post on the Beachmiser Blog.

On this site we will try to highlight the inspots that usually only locals know about, folks who live and work in the local North Myrtle Beach area.

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Overall, we only have 3 criteria for a spot to make this list:

1. Obviously, it must be local, somewhat hard to find, and off the beaten turon track.

2. It must be well known by locals, somewhat closely guarded, and offer unique legendary status.

3. It must provide good value for locals, and overcharge the turons whenever possible.

We'll shoot for 2 out of 3 for most places to qualify. So, in no special order, here are our recommendations for the NMB Local In-Spots. Keep in mind this is a growing list, so as I add spots, I'll post the new additions to my Beachmiser Blog.

First out of the box, we highlight Hoskin's Restaurant on Main Street in Ocean Drive. While rather easy to find (since it's right there on Main Street), it qualifies because of its longevity for locals, its legendary status, and the value and quality of its home cooking. All our local politicians hang there, as do locals wanting to see and be seen. It is a great gathering spot, and one of those places where everybody knows everybody. Their Friday shimp special and fried chicken (anytime) are bar none.

Captain Poo's

Captain Poo's
If you like enjoying a cold one outside in good weather, watching cruising yachts on the ICW, and are a biker or biker wanna-be, then Captain Poo's is the place, especially during Bike Week. It's fairly hard to find, has very good value, and is a favorite place to hang for locals and bikers alike. Local talent plays there most all the time,and their Thursday happy hours are legendary.

Locals Beach Cafe
If you're not staying at the Blockade Runner, odds are on you'll never even know this place was there. It's best known for it breakfast and lunches, mainly because that's the only time they're open. But the value, service, and quality are very good, and meet local standards. It's owned and run by the same family that owns Rick's, another of our favorites. And, it's inside the Blockade Runner Hotel in Cherry Grove, on Ocean Blvd. Too bad William's not there anymore. His was the best she crab soup ever. Oh well -

Wango Tango
This place is way too new to be considered tourist spot yet, but we think it's gonna try and retain its local flavor as much as possible, so I included it here. Wango Tango bills itself as a sports bar and cantina, has daily lunch specials, and is really laid back. It's in the same spot as the old McCatz on 17th Ave. South in NMB, but did not carry over the rough reputation from the old McCatz. It's a totally new place, with LOTS of screens with a multitude of feeds. This place is really new, so it will get mostly local traffic in the beginning, untill tourist traffic begins to find it, so for now it's cool. It's easy to find, obviously, being right there are 17. The bill of fare is bar basic but with some builtin special treats. And, they've got Dos Equis Amber on tap. That in and of itself is a good thing. Check with Josh, he'll fill you in.

The Music of Jerry Douglas from Union Station

The Music of Alison Brown

If you don't know what this place is really named, I ain't gonna tell you. It's on the beach, in the Cherry Grove section, and Sunday afternoon's there during good weather are fantasic because that's when some of the best local bands in the area crank it up to boogie on the beach. Locals crowd in from all around to drink cold ones, greet and meet friends old and new, and listen to some of the best live beach music around.


On the Outside Deck at Fillet's
Down a bit from Captain Poo's, the outside deck at Fillet's is a great place to watch the boats get hung up by the swing bridge, enjoy half priced apps and specially priced drinks during happy hour, and listen to all sorts of interesting music, usually live (when Beach Music 94.9 The Surf isn't doing a live broadcast). It's not that easy to find because most Turons never take the trouble to travel across the Little River swing bridge (which Fillet's sits next to). This is one of our favorite places, even during season. It's actually called Capt. Dilligaf's, which is an acronym for ............. I'll let you figure it out.

HTTC Chef's Luncheon
Towards the end of every semester, the students at the culinary school that's part of the Horry County Technical College here put on a luncheon. For $11 fixed menu, they'll prepare an extrodinary meal, but it's by reservation only, which you have to make early in the semester, because there's limited seating. Now this particular fits all three of our criteria, hands down. 

This place really qualifies. It is totally off the beaten path, has great value, and its clientale, so far, is totally local because no one but a local could probably find it, unless they were boating on the ICW, because that's where it is, on the ICW. It has no history as yet, but if it continues in the time honered tradition of it owners (who own Deckerz in OD), it soon will have.
As I mentioned, Snooky's is really off the beaten path up in Little River, on the ICW. When you're on 17 in the Little River area, turn towards the ICW off 17 North onto Baker Street. In fact, the place used to be called Baker Street. As of this posting, it's only 14 days old, has some really good she crab soup, and a fried green tomato sandwhich that is really interesting. And the view of the ICW is fantastic. Snooky's has an outside deck and picture windows inside. It's owned by the guys who also own Deckerz in Ocean Drive, so the pedigree is there.

All the places mentioned on this site are strictly here because the webmaster wanted them on here. None of them have paid any gratuity or advertising fees. And all comments are those of the author alone.