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New Year's Caribbean Sail 2007/08

CHECK IT OUT >>>>>Three new videos have been aded to the channel panel of videos below.

Check the name on the boat,
Shagmiser the Yacht
And Who's that on the Fantail?

Watch for the Green Light

This rock is in Anquilla.
Sally Kissing Rock

Boats waiting for the bridge to open, Simpson Bay, St. Maarten.
Line Up - The Bridge is Open.Scroll down for Video

OMG - It's the missing cast of "Attack of the Mud People."  Found at Last!

Selected Pictures from our New Year's Caribbean Sail. Click on any picture to enlage the view.

Sally Rope Dancing Under Sail
Sally and Melissa

Is the bar open yet? I mean, the sun IS setting!
Dick Contemplating Sunset

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We think we've found the SS Minnow. See the video - am I right, or what? This video set was shot at the end of our trip. Sandy Island, the Boat Parade, and the Final Farewell.

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